The women of Setu—Monami, Asveen and Sushmita

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The women of Setu—Monami, Asveen and Sushmita title image

With June being the month of diversity and inclusion, this edition’s Humans are some of our newest women Setuzens!

“As a working woman, it’s important to never look at yourself as the disadvantaged gender because at the end of the day it all starts in your mind and the way you think.”

Monami Dasgupta#

Monami heads the research team of D91 Labs, as a new Setuzen, she finds the various tools we use here super interesting and is enjoying the vibrant environment of Setu. She has a knack for creativity and loves learning new things—raisin art, decoupage, and thread work being just a few of them. She’s also doing her Ph.D.! (a serious multitasker). Knowing that she’s able to bring about a change by helping the non-privileged—helps her sleep better at night. She aims to be the catalyst of change and the voice of people in the future.

Favourite movie: Nayak (A Bengali movie by Satyajit Ray)

Favourite people at Setu: Amrutha, Ruby, and Sujan

Asveen Kaur#

“Don’t be afraid to lean on for support. There are awesome, smart, and successful women out there who love to share experiences and brainstorm!”

Asveen is a part of the People Ops team and makes sure all Setuzens feel at home. In the last month, she’s found the environment at Setu very comfortable and with the help of Ruby—has been able to adjust super quickly. Apart from work, she absolutely loves baking and is a dog lover! She spends most of her time taking care of strays and feeding them her delicious dog biscuits. She also hopes to adopt a dog (an indie specifically) real soon. Taking these baking skills forward, she might start her own home bakery too!

Favourite movie: Forrest Gump

Favourite people at Setu: Ruby and Amrutha

Sushmita Sengupta#

“Give in your best and don’t let discrimination get to you. Be specific and never be afraid to communicate. Go all in!”

Sushmita is a part of the Business Development team here at Setu. She’s about a week old here and has fairly adjusted. She’s particularly enjoying brainstorming and getting to know everybody. She’s a fitness freak but sadly hasn’t been able to do as much due to the pandemic. Apart from that, cooking has become a hobby and she wants to start a food joint pretty soon.

Favourite movie: Andaz Apna Apna (immediate mood booster)

Favourite people at Setu: Anantha and Pavan

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