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We present our first Human of Setu, the youngest ahem former youngest Setuzen, Saai!

Since he got some serious love on EngageWith over the past couple of weeks, we thought we’d chat with him to see what the hype around this kid is...turns out he’s worth all the hype!

Saai is the engine behind the payments team, having been the major contributor for the Collect & UPI products, as well as the backend powering Bridge and admin console. His day goes about taking care of requests that get thrown at him, especially when it comes to Payments. Whether it’s Shristy with settlement queries or Kavya with Bridge requests, no need to fear when Saai is here!

You might not see him at meetings but that’s because Saai is pretty much aware of what he needs to be doing so instead of being in those meetings, he’s a step ahead and is probably already executing his tasks (overachiever!). Outside of work, he loves playing badminton. Not too worried about competition, you’ll see him running around the court just having fun and working out.

Favourite Movie: Big Hero 6, since it got him into tears even though it’s just an animated movie.

Favourite Game: Rocket League, if you’re curious ask Saai about it!

Favourite People at Setu: Naresh, KKT, Garima and Russi.

Casual Flex: Helped to reduce the time taken to settle payments of 7000 bills from half an hour to under one and a half minutes. This helped to optimise resource consumption from 93% to 56%.

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