The dynamic duo—Ranjith and Nithin

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Today, we’re talking to the boys behind Setu’s BillPay—Ranjith BR and Nithin Kashyap. Let’s see how they spend their time outside of work.

Nithin Kashyap#

Nithin is someone who loves to spend his time dipping his feet in different waters. From blogging on the internet to travelling to playing video games, he even put together his own desktop and helped a couple of Setuzens with their set-up as well. This even reflects in his work, he’s an engineer but also works with the product team and is also a part of our internal magazine’s editorial!

Favourite movie: School of Life

Favourite video game: Need for Speed (NFS)

Favourite people at Setu: Ranjith BR, Gandharva, Nikhil

Casual flex: Nithin is a jack of all trades! You’ll see him involved in most things at Setu.

Ranjith BR#

Ranjith is one of Setu’s oldest engineers. Having started out in Developer Relations, he has now moved on to lead the team working on the BillPay product. Outside of work, he loves to spend time with his extended family. He got married recently and became a part of a tight-knit fam-jam. He also loves to dabble in Chess and strategy games. He spends a ton of time on YouTube consuming content around history, religion, economics and fiction.

Favourite movies: Quentin Tarantino movies like KillBill, The Godfather, Pulp Fiction, The Good, Bad and The Ugly. Ranjith has started watching Gilmore Girls with his wife and is thoroughly enjoying it! :D

Favourite video game: Age of Wonders and other strategy games

Favourite people at Setu: Anantha, Nikhil, Wincy, Nithin, GB

Casual flex: Our white-labelled solution 😎

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