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In the second episode of Setu’s new webinar series—Plumbing For Money, come watch as we discuss everything around Account Aggregators.

Aapki AAnumathi Deejiye!

Learn how building financial products are going to change forever!

Our guests were Siddharth Shetty—Fellow, iSPIRT, Vinay Kesari—General Counsel, Setu, and Arjun Attam—Chief of Staff, Setu. Our host Nikhil Kumar—Co-founder and Chief Evangelist, Setu chats them up.

Today, an individual or an organisation collects and shares data electronically or physically. On the other hand, financial platforms scrape user’s messages and emails to pull out relevant data and information. These are slow and inefficient ways of data collection and sharing. The RBI's new Account Aggregator (AA) framework provides a digital platform for smooth data sharing and consumption from various entities. User consent is in the center of it as customers can now decide how their data is used.

AA will completely change how financial platforms are built.

For more information, check out our Account Aggregator page:

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